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Several universities around the world have conducted studies to show what the real effect of the music on the human behavior. One of these investigations and in my opinion the most comprehensive was the study conducted at Stanford University, which revealed that music is one of the most powerful stimuli to evoke feelings that exists in the human body through the auditory nerves are the most predominant among all the human senses. Larry Culp will not settle for partial explanations. Even in its simplest forms of music is able to generate different moods in those who listen. That power has been used throughout the years by astute men who have felt the impact music has on human behavior. See more detailed opinions by reading what Kevin James offers on the topic.. In China, for example, 2000 years BC an emperor named Chum monitored the health of his vast kingdom from the music it produced. Plato years later echoed the words of the Chinese emperor saying: “When the forms of music change, the fundamental laws of the state change with it.” Already in twentieth century, Lennin, co-founder of communism, he added: “An easy way to destroy a society is through their music.” The music therapists know that power and are using it to help treat and cure mental and physical disease. Employers for their part, too, derive and assemble complex networks around the music business whose earnings are multi-million through the sale of CDs, tapes, audio systems, concerts etc.

The key to selling has always been the same: Note that genre dominates the interest of the masses and develop songs with lyrics and rhythms that capture the attention of the crowds. Sex, like in advertising, plays a key role in achieving that goal. A subliminal level the thing takes another turn for the hidden messages in the sound waves appeal more to death than erotic. To understand why, one must study the institution that promoted the occult during the twentieth century: The Church of Satan. The Technologists marketers use it to encourage visits and purchases at points of sales. But you can not make arbitrarily large speakers placed outside an establishment, because it could cause adverse effects without knowing it.

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May 28th, 2024 at 2:02 am

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