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The city of Bremerhaven is becoming the world of experience for the tourists the city of Bremerhaven has vast changes undergone. The tourist offer attracts more and more visitors. The tourist offer in Bremerhaven has become attractive from year to year. The Bremerhaven City Centre has developed tourism in recent years in such a way, that is impressive. Who spends his holidays or in Bremerhaven on the North Sea coast in Lower Saxony, Germany, should visit the world of experience of Bremerhaven. From afar, the Atlantic Hotel is “to see sail city. From the style, it reminds of the Dubai hotel “in the United Arab Emirates.

The Klimahaus Bremerhaven 8 is located in the immediate vicinity East”, a unique experience, scientifically sound, to the complex subject of climate. 11500 m exhibition space through the different climates of the Earth and understand how people live there, cold or heat. Also climate-friendly behavior for everyday is of course the visitors vividly demonstrates. A truly impressive experience and learning world. Admission fees are not covered. So pay as adults 12.50 euro. Who wants to look at Bremerhaven and the container port from a bird’s-eye view, the observation platform sail city “visit. With the elevator it goes up quickly.

Up to the 20.Stock. 3 euro for adults for the visit are to pay at checkout. The length of stay is limited to 30 minutes. When weather is nice a unique experience. The observation deck will be locked in bad weather. The South is very close in Bremerhaven. The also newly-opened shopping mall Mediterraneo “is also at eindruckend. Here you can stroll to your hearts content under Mediterranean roofs, shopping and eat well, and drink. All about two hundred years ago started. Bremerhaven was the gateway to the world for immigrants. A total of 7 million people emigrated from Bremerhaven, mainly in the United States. The biggest emigration port in Europe today presents itself in an impressive way and is Become a magnet for the public. The emigration history the German emigrant House “appears in. By the way, it is the largest museum in Europe on the subject of emigration. In 2005, the Museum opened the doors. To this day, many hundred thousand guests visited the Museum. It’s worth a visit. You should bring plenty of time. The emigration Center guests also helps the search for expatriate ancestors. The German Maritime Museum founded in 1975 and the event of sail called in the 1980s in the life is a classic in Bremerhaven. Bremerhaven has to offer much more for the guest. Listed here as an example some destinations: the historical Museum Bremerhaven, the Zoo am Meer “with Nordic animals, the atlanticum”, and the Fischerreihafen with the “Museum ship Gera”. In Bremerhaven, you can experience a lot of history. By the way, history as shown in Bremerhaven is not boring, but exciting and impressive. If you spend your vacation on the North Sea coast in Lower Saxony, Germany, is a trip to recommend to Bremerhaven.

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November 2nd, 2017 at 2:26 pm

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