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In this, as in other things, the theater is revealed as an almost perfect imitation of life. Playing to do theatre is playing live. Within the scenic space we can recreate any situation, we can imagine that we are any character real or imaginary, that we are the natural elements, objects, human qualities, parts of ourselves. And from that imagine we can see what we feel and what we do, how we relate to the world from there. That quality of human beings to imagine what something/somebody and get to feel and act from that imagination is the foundation of the theatre. Also essential is that ability to be within the situation and also outside, as an observer of one’s own situation. The theatre is a game, it is a like.

I Earth of a pirate character, and I think it enough to feelings, impulses, acts, which are not be awaken in me the usual in me. If I go into the character, someone who sees me from outside will see a pirate. But I do not lose awareness that am I doing pirate (lose it would be entering the psychosis). I am at once within and outside the pirate character. Experiment myself in a way new, different than if I had gotten into the character of a slave. The action awakens in me feelings, impulses, acts coming out of me, and me are not so familiar, allowing me to live me in a new way, and after the performance, reflect on how I relate with that again I’ve lived. Virtually countless ways in which the theater can be used to enhance self-knowledge and personal development, from an in-depth study which seeks to bring to the action and the emotion in the most hidden aspects hondo unconscious, until exercise dramatizing a job interview that one will have to confront soon in real life.

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February 13th, 2013 at 11:00 am

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