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The Name of the film is Across the Universe. the Original title Across the Universe Who can give music lovers, lovers, generation of the ’60s, pacifists, creative people, fans of musicals. Which anniversary celebrations relations, birthday, without motive, Music Day, Day of the artist. Whether you love musicals as I love them? And the music of the legendary “The Beatles” that has some special magic? If the answer to both questions is yes, then immediately go to the store and buy it drive with the movie “Across the Universe.” Although unlikely you missed this film in 2007, when it first came out, and the DVD with this magical musical is probably already in the film library at home. However, you still buy an extra disc with the movie: the best gift or a romantic young lady admirers of the famous “Fab Four” are simply not come up with. And you know, if among your friends, there are those who argue that the musical – a genre not severe, superficial and only serves to turn off the head after a hard day, we dare to drive and give the movie, and it, too.

It is possible that after such a gift to fans of musical films will be more. The phenomenon of music, “Beatles” Many have tried to explain. Investigated the melodies, the group examined in the context of the historical situation …. Theories – many, choose any! Still unclear. Lyrics are simple (some openly, “pop”) music is not elaborate, but all together creates a wonderful effect.

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January 22nd, 2014 at 7:26 am

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