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Murals can be described as the most impressive decoration of the walls that can transform any room into something historic and fashionable at the same time. Panels are worthy decoration of houses and hotels, cafes and restaurants, offices and stores. Digital murals are paintings, executed, as befits the frescoes, the plaster on the kind of elastic, reinforced reinforced mesh. Lightweight and durable material allows you to simultaneously install a mural on virtually any surface. Additional training is required of the walls, on the contrary, all the small wall irregularities will be hidden from view. Fixed blade has a crystal surface exceptional resistance to abrasion and mechanical damage.

Used ink does not fade with time and do not change color. The high degree of water resistance allows the use of murals in the pools and conservatories, and care such products is very simple – the cover can be washed with detergent and vacuuming. Since the installation process does not produce debris and dust, it can produce a completely finished room. From order to delivery – all week installation – within an hour, and here you are the owner of this fresco. Cover the murals, their top layer, have their own characteristics, and their names speak for themselves. Crystal (crystal, transparent) – perfectly mimics the real Art painting without the effect of aging and is ideal for today's pictures. Granular textured surface with a noble gloss shine is somewhat like tiny crystals, which varies depending on the angle and the illumination of the surface.

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January 24th, 2014 at 2:11 am

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