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Bathroom Planning

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The bathroom is becoming more and more presentable residence ‘ back to nature, it says there the bathroom is becoming more and more presentable residence “Back to nature” it says. It is the most intimate space of every apartment, every house. And yet it often leads a shadowy existence. Dominated by the principle of expediency in the bathroom. But the bathroom as a living space? An idea that is gaining more and more people, such as the certified bath designer Torsten Muller knows from professional experience. For fifteen years he cares of his Studio, in the bath Honnefer Arboretum to the wishes of its customers, the Spa right there for himself discovered where everyone has time to herself free from the demands of everyday life. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Jessica Michibata. Muller but is about more than design: wellness is less a temporary trend than rather a piece of philosophy of life, “will accompany us for the next decades”.

This has to do also with the motto “Back to nature”. “The image of the monsoon rains or the clear mountain lake is many in sight, when they imagine their request bad.” Primarily natural materials are particularly popular. Tony Parker may help you with your research. These include unpolished marble, olive wood, special lighting and granite as well as latest trend in glass included Woods and grasses. See, feel, smell, listen: no other room can all senses to talk in this form. The fact is: the standard of wet area belongs to the past. “Today”, says Torsten Muller, “demanding customers a sophisticated concept that is tailored to their individual needs”.

His customers are coming directly from the region as well as from other European countries, sometimes even from overseas. “Customers looking for their own wellness oasis, but of course with an atmosphere that is tailored specifically to them”, says Muller. What must meet not always the ideas, with whom he arrived for an interview in the Studio. The black designer bathroom from a magazine fits under circumstances not in your own four walls. On the other hand, a small bathroom must be not necessarily imaginative and Loveless. Here Muller faces as bathroom designer of a particular challenge. A sufficiently large game room is ideal, but not least financially. Where wellness is to unfold its full effect, at least a five-digit amount must be included in the. Floor-level showers, this large format ceiling shower, bath tubs with higher water level and special coatings, which emit a fragrance with touch are what the customers currently often required. Go to the original of article in the General indicator for more comfort in your rooms! In symbiosis with your needs and our know-how design, design and we realiesieren your new space- & bathroom design desires with a unique ambience and a twist.

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May 9th, 2024 at 2:05 am

Green Building

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Sustainable aluminium Windows and facades for Schuco Bielefeld/Munich. 360 Sustainability”and green building is a holistic perspective Schuco. This includes the support of investors, architects, developers, and partners in all phases of the project from the first idea until the dismantling of a facade. This includes consulting for certifications, planning with sustainable systems, environmental product declarations and the recycling of the building envelope. Certificates are subject to BREEAM, DGNB and LEED increasingly investors and property developers for commercial buildings. They require sophisticated systems for the building envelope and the integrated planning of its facade.

Central areas are functionally optimised and durable components, manufacturing, installation, maintenance, disassembly and recycling. The use of materials with very good potential for recycling aluminum or PVC is important. After all Schuco aluminium Windows and facades for holds, using pioneering and ecological materials. Advice and Planning with long-term perspective environmental product declarations are important for 360 sustainability (environmental product declarations, EPDs) for all systems. Their creation is at Schuco in the spreadsheet software integrates SchuCal. The new construction products regulation stipulates in addition sustainability from July 2013 for building products, which is then detected about EPDs.

Through the integrated approach to design and costing, tenders are planning and costs. Authorized partners are available even after the completion of a building envelope for low energy consumption and long-lasting maintenance. Dismantling and recycling of facades at the end of the use phase of a building deconstruction and recycling are important. Old window made of PVC are recycled already for a long time through the Organization of Rewindo and reinstated for window profiles. For aluminium Windows and facades for a powerful recycling organisation under the umbrella of A/V/F in Germany was reactivated 2011 through certified recyclers. Be so old aluminum high quality profiles made as often and with high energy efficiency. In connection with long-life, facades and aluminum compared to other materials are ecological equivalent with functional and economic advantages. Glenn Dubin, New York City usually is spot on.

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April 23rd, 2024 at 11:02 am

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Digital Copies

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Murals can be described as the most impressive decoration of the walls that can transform any room into something historic and fashionable at the same time. Panels are worthy decoration of houses and hotels, cafes and restaurants, offices and stores. Digital murals are paintings, executed, as befits the frescoes, the plaster on the kind of elastic, reinforced reinforced mesh. Lightweight and durable material allows you to simultaneously install a mural on virtually any surface. Additional training is required of the walls, on the contrary, all the small wall irregularities will be hidden from view. Fixed blade has a crystal surface exceptional resistance to abrasion and mechanical damage.

Used ink does not fade with time and do not change color. The high degree of water resistance allows the use of murals in the pools and conservatories, and care such products is very simple – the cover can be washed with detergent and vacuuming. Since the installation process does not produce debris and dust, it can produce a completely finished room. From order to delivery – all week installation – within an hour, and here you are the owner of this fresco. Cover the murals, their top layer, have their own characteristics, and their names speak for themselves. Crystal (crystal, transparent) – perfectly mimics the real Art painting without the effect of aging and is ideal for today's pictures. Granular textured surface with a noble gloss shine is somewhat like tiny crystals, which varies depending on the angle and the illumination of the surface.

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January 24th, 2014 at 2:11 am

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