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William Shakespeare

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And no lack of dedication to the mother-friendly. Well, what kind of a say, but after all is a reminder to these selfless ladies on which so much has been said, most of them false and exaggerated. Well, a resentful son wanted to avenge the alleged misconduct of their children's grandmother writing this: Here you lie and you lie Well, you rest and I also. Had to be a clueless first that confuse death with a ceremony grade, or the most important achievement of his life, to write something like this: It took a lifetime to get here. Showing no lack of repenting of their sins at the last minute and wanted to record the event. This is the case of the Spanish writer Miguel de Unamuno, whose last residence reads: "All I ask God to have mercy on the soul of this atheist." Moliere was one of the characters in the story more committed to their profession.

At least that's what allows us to deduce the legend on the headstone of his grave: "Here lies Moliro the king of actors. At present it is dead." At the time of his death William Shakespeare was common to remove the bones of the dead to free space. As this was not the kind he wanted for his remains the literary genius ordered to write the following epitaph: "Good friend, for Jesus, forbear to dig the dust enclosed here. Blessed are those who comply with these stones and cursed be he that remove my bones. " Alexander, the great conqueror of vast territories should be dissatisfied with a grave which the space was, of course, lower than their possessions. Maybe that motivated him to develop the text that adorn his tomb: "A grave is sufficient to whom the universe was not enough." By: Alejandro Martinez Alejandro Rutto Rutto Martinez is a renowned writer and Italian-Colombian journalist who also teaches at several universities.

He is the author of four books on ethics and leadership and is included in three anthologies of Colombian authors. Contact him at cel. 300 8055526 or email. Read his writings, a page where you will find writings, stories and beautiful pieces of Colombian literature.

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March 10th, 2012 at 1:47 pm

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