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Yaroslavl Motor Plant

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Guarantee for the products of the Yaroslavl Motor Plant has become much more difficult to obtain. The fact that Customer Service gaz Group in conjunction with the Customer Service Yaroslavl motor plant developed new rules under which the claim is satisfied by the quality of products Avtodizel (JAMZ). The underlying point of this set of rules is that the warranty on the engines ymz and powertrains based on them applies only if this engine (power plant) was installed at service stations, authorized dealer warranty Yaroslavl Motor Plant. It is obvious that These rules are based on the same rules of Western auto makers, it is a pity not considered in this Russian realities. The fact that the number of data stations in the vast territory of our country is very small and the distance between them so big, not to mention the fact that in many regions they are not elementary. How to transport the broken equipment to the station is certified in our off-road How unfortunately does not say. Besides all the technical services of the person operating the equipment with engines ymz required to perform at the same stations. Imagine how grain from the field in the midst of harvest season goes on service station, located hundreds of miles away? A replacement parts under warranty jamz malfunctioning only possible under these conditions. In conclusion, wished that the art is no damage and you do not had to apply for a guarantee!

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June 19th, 2011 at 1:23 am

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