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The Encounter

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Mind is in every side but our main Association head and, of itself, is a misconception. We are also filled with limited and mistaken associations which are those that give shape to our lives. Then, a way of breaking with what has been learned is open your mind to the field of the unlimited. This is a process, it does not happen overnight overnight, normally. The trip to open the mind and achieve comprehensive awareness is a great adventure. For example, learn to feel the force around us and understand, internally, that there is no difference between rock, tree, Earth and the spacecraft from Luke. Learn how you can really feel the union between these apparent things separated, who clearly feel that relationship and energy dynamics, you can do something as He did Yoda: take the ship of the swamp. It seems impossible? Only it seems! It seems science fiction? Well, that certainly seems and then why know, deep down, that Yes it is possible, that is true? Undoubtedly, the process that has to be experienced to get to experience such a union is not something that most, we are willing to do because it is much work with oneself and in an unknown, illogical and symbolic field.

What laziness! Best live la vida loca! Recently I had an experience that completely disrupted my life. Given the conditions that took place in the encounter with a person, I had the opportunity to know her inside out instead of outside-in. Slowly and with each space between words, was finding, like the contents of one of these movies mentioned, an identification with that inner truth that wraps, attracts, overwhelms and moves. See inside this person, even if this person does not see the same way, was reason for my heart opening like a flower of Lotus. The vulnerability of open heart had not known ever before and, hence, I could identify the Kingdom of the elves in the Lord of the rings.

Written by Minna

April 11th, 2014 at 12:39 am

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