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The Use Of The Cinema In The Classroom

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The USE OF the CINEMA IN the CLASSROOM * Luciette Gomes Amorim SUMMARY the present assay considers a new to look at for the educational reality by means of the cinema that if discloses of unknown and independent form, since we are ahead of a context dominated for images is necessary the diversification of languages for our educators in order to potencializar education, the cinema with art will be ally of the education in order to form citizens. In this way if we do not know that we do not go to solve but in certain way we will brighten up the one of the biggest concerns lack of stimulatons in children and young in the school, in the classrooms mainly when they are of history. The professor must adopt the cinema as source to know description, elements that reflect sensitivity, rationality, is inserted there as well as the socialization shared in the exchange of information in the established debates. Word-Key: Classroom, School, Cinema, Education of history. It is observvel the great impact of the cinema and its power in the transmission of ideas, ahead of this function it is for the historian, history professor a resource not more delinquent. Of this the revolution of the Annales the historiografia incorporated the importance of the diversification of the sources thus extending its field of inquiry, criticizing factual history, is then in this circumstance that it acquires object status of analyzes historical.

The document is not more only the writing, officer the word gains a way direction ampler that the image, the sound now passes to be been valid as registers. The historiografia walks for another bias where the great personages and facts are not more central offices, spaces for one confide ' ' New Histria' ' new boardings. The iconography must together be criticized with the context in which she was inserted since this is not immune the ideological manipulations and is product of the society, of the time produced that it is of utmost importance is intent to this detail.

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April 4th, 2014 at 8:37 pm

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