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Music, of certain point of visa, a very escencial thing nowadays. Pra everything in the life, any thing that if makes, speaks, reads, hears, whatsoever, turns music. It tries, you, to imagine a world without music.a world without melody.without compass it imagined? there, what you found? Huuuumm.sufficiently monotonous, not? music, of where appears? Composers, obviously, n! You, already tried to write a music? Not? Never? Why not to seat and to write in verses what you feel at this moment? He goes that from there he has left one music that in days can blow up in entire Brazil. Haaaa, but you must you are thinking: ' ' Poxa, I do not have dom to write a music, to compose and etc.' ' who said that he is nescessario only with dom that you can write a music? All we are capable to make possible and the impossible one, until if he proves in contrast. We are all children of the same god. We have the same capacities! If you do not find yourself capable to write a music, you guarantee that I obtained the least to write a poem. Skirt daqui, and goes to try.

Tente to write something. It did not obtain to conclude music? It goes to try to make a poem. One poemo, or several, on one determined subject, and later join everything and see if of pra to make a music. What it is more important you are always you are with the head ' ' in movimento' '. Writing something, thinking about something, thinking about what he is. He thought? He puts that in a paper. He never leaves to write from fear, nor for nothing. He always keeps contact with the writing. The anonymous one of today, can be the example of tomorrow! It thinks well before saying that you are not capable!

Written by Minna

April 23rd, 2014 at 5:37 pm

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