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World History Of Cosmetics

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Since ancient times, women lived in a desire to look younger and prettier and look after themselves. Already in antiquity, in ancient Egypt, men and women used cosmetics. Even the word "cosmetics" comes from the Greek 'kemet', meaning black earth from the banks of the Nile, from which the pigments. For more specific information, check out Jorge Perez. In Egypt, the makeup came from the need to protect skin and eyes from the searing dry air and sand storms. Scented oils served to moisten the skin and make it soft, but in order to protect it from irritations and infections of the eye inhabitants of Egypt leads them paints: green, black or blue. This cosmetics prepared from mineral pigments: iron, chromium and lead, mixed with fat. It is known that Cleopatra was painted eyes so dark blue eyeliner – the upper eyelid, and watery-green – at the bottom, extending and stretching out his line.

On the other side of the Mediterranean care a cosmetics and had its own characteristics. The Greeks and Romans of both sexes liked to take baths and rub the fragrant scented oils. The Romans were already using starch and white lead to powder her entire body. Care hands and nails, too, have received considerable attention. In the Middle Ages the care of the beauty of suppressing religion. Piety prescribed carefully to hide the entire body, leaving visible only a pale, ecstatic face.

Cosmetics and make-up were considered as the machinations of the devil. Nevertheless, had his own makeup in those days. The Crusaders brought back from the Crusades some cosmetic substances, among them – oriental pearl.

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